wedding photographer for venues across Manchester & UK

Being a Manchester wedding photographer is the best job in the world.  Not just because photographing weddings is ace, but because the city is too.  It’s a great place to live, and it’s a great base for travelling as well. Its central location in the UK makes Manchester super quick and easy to access a whole host of incredible wedding venues across the North West and beyond.  Whether you’re getting married in an epic cathedral or at a venue more intimate and quirky; with hundreds of guests or just the two of you, photographing your big day with the people you love in the perfect venue that you’ve carefully selected is a privilege and a joy.  Every wedding is different.  Every wedding is unique.  And every wedding is special.  You’ll be creating memories forever on your big day, and when it’s all done, you’ll have the photos to look back at for years to come.  Being a wedding photographer in Manchester is a thrilling and beautiful responsibility – and I love it!

Manchester Wedding Photographer Manor House Wedding
Unhurried, un-posed and unassuming

There are a great many talented wedding photographers in Manchester, so I feel honoured that you found me and are reading this far.  The traditional approach to wedding photography, where everything was captured on rolls of film, and couples were carefully posed so as to make every exposure count, are now long gone.  Thanks to the wonders of digital photography, us lucky professionals have the luxury of being able to operate in a much more relaxed and liberating manner.  Your wedding day should be about you enjoying your day with the people you love.  You’ve spent a good deal of time and money planning your wedding, so you deserve to enjoy it to the full.  I won’t rush you. I won’t boss you around, and I won’t be keeping you from your party.  You guys get on and let me capture the anticipation, the romance and the fun of the occasion as it unfolds: in authentic, natural and beautiful photographs.

Manchester Wedding Photographer Dance Floor
Documenting the events you expect and the moments you never knew happened

This is a great time to be a wedding photographer.  And it’s a great place to be one too.   Manchester is a dynamic and visionary city and there is a real surge of creative talent amongst its community of wedding photographers.  Sure, we’ll get some group shots, and we’ll definitely spend a little time capturing that just-married look somewhere away from the crowds if we can.  But mostly I’ll be there to shoot those un-staged, surprising, sometimes funny, sometimes emotional moments that will really make the difference when you look back at your album in years to come.  I want you to look at your wedding photos and relive what it actually felt like to be there, not just show what your wedding dress looked like.   My photos therefore tell the story of your day, recording forever the emotion of the occasion.

Manchester Wedding Photographer Bridal Prep
Creative, professional photography

My style of wedding photography is, for the most part, high contrast, dynamic, punchy and colourful.  And I shoot quite close up with wide angle lenses in order to really give the viewer a sense of being there, right in amongst the action.  I’m not really one for hanging around at the back of the church with a long lens, so you’ll have to get used to me being by your side!  Especially at key moments like the bridal preparation, the ceremony and dancing later.  But don’t worry, you’ll soon forget I’m there, especially as you get swept up in the excitement of your wedding day.  There is a key tenet of documentary photography, and that is ’get closer’!  In any case, it is really important that you have a good working relationship with your photographer as we’ll be spending most of the day together!  You’ll find me easy to get along with, I’m sure.

Manchester Wedding Photographer Cornfield Portrait
Wedding venues across Manchester and the North West

The UK is blessed with wonderful wedding venues that look great all year round.  There really is no shortage of options to suit all tastes: from urban chic, to rustic, rural idylls; Medieval churches to ultra-modern cityscapes; tipis to town halls; traditional to quirky. Whilst I am a Manchester wedding photographer, I do also love the opportunity to travel further afield and discover the delights of wedding spaces up and down the country.   So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer for Manchester, or a photographer for your wedding further afield, please drop me a line to say hello and request my prices.