Shhh… Nobody mention 2020! Fortunately, weddings finally got back into full swing around the middle of 2021 and my brilliant couples absolutely made it count. Weddings are always beautiful and emotional events, but this year’s festivities held extra significance for all sorts of understandable reasons.  What a privilege it was then for me to capture something of the range of emotions poured out at these wonderful occasions as people were finally able to celebrate with their loved ones.  Together at last.

To say that 2021 was a significant year in all our lives is an understatement. The photos below are just a small snapshot of what being together on their wedding day means for these couples and their guests – from early morning anticipation to end-of-the-night party blow-outs!  Please take a look at my blog posts for more complete stories of their most special day.

As one bride put it:

We absolutely needed to see these today. We’ve had a tough old couple of months. Thank you so, so much! Love them! 🙌🏻❤️

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