Alternative Wedding at Kilnsey Park Estate, Yorkshire

Life can be complex. And yet, it is also beautifully simple too.  Take our lovely couple here. These guys work at the sharp end of global IT, for companies you have definitely heard of.  We’re talking cutting edge, mind-boggling future tech.  Complex. And yet, their idea of a perfect wedding is all of their best mates, in a field, with a tipi, a donkey, some homemade stuff and a whole lot of fun. Simple. I love photographing alternative weddings for couples who do things their own way, and this one in the Yorkshire Dales pretty much sums that up to a tee.

Alternative wedding in the Yorkshire Dales

Who says you have to have a wedding in a certain way?  Christina and George certainly don’t buy that. This was their wedding, their way – right from the start.  Bride and groom prep together in the same space?  Why not!  Homemade flowers, homemade cake, homemade décor?  Absolutely! Rings delivered by donkey?  Well the alpaca was poorly.  From start to finish, this wonderful wedding had a really alternative feel in a glorious outdoor setting, complete with fabulous weather and epic Pennines surroundings.  I’m massively grateful that I was asked to be the wedding photographer for this awesome alternative wedding in the Yorkshire Dales.

DIY wedding ideas

Hair and makeup artists, florists and cake makers are great, but you don’t have to have them!  Why not do-it-yourself? That’s what this lovely couple and their family did and it worked a treat. Christina and her sisters took care of the makeup, aunty stepped up with hair.  Many hands made light work of the wedding cake. Even the boys got involved with flower arrangements.  Table decorations, crocheted bunting, even the main wedding meal itself was all lovingly hand-made and served up by the family.  Sustainable, ethical and beautiful. 

Less of the formalities. More of the fun.

Some people go all in for the traditional wedding formalities.  Tried and tested.  Stick to the formula.  Others, like George and Christina here, eschew all of that.  Conformity isn’t their thing.  And I’m down with that.  When you focus on doing the right things, rather than doing things right, then the process trumps the outcome.  But you know what? What they created, was magic.

Thank you Christina and George for choosing me to photograph your wonderful alternative wedding in the Yorkshire Dales.

I shoot the day as I find it, with minimal posing and interruption from myself. If you like the sound of this and are looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding in Yorkshire, or anywhere else for that matter, please check out some more of my featured weddings and my portfolio. Why not drop me a line to chat more.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

Kilnsey Park Estate Wedding Venue

Set within 1000 acres of fields and woodland within the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Kilnsey Park Estate channels all the surrounding natural beauty into a spectacular wedding venue.  And it does so in an ethical and sustainable manner too. The team there has a philosophy and approach to weddings that puts the environment right there with you at the top of the agenda. From the simplicity of its licensed ceremony field with hay bale seating, to the magnificent riverside reception meadow –  Kilnsey Park Estate is the right place for a wholesome, bespoke and beguiling outdoor wedding for couples who love planet Earth.